Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I wanted to say thank you to Dr. Bashy. Due to my family history of bad circulation and varicose veins, I've struggled with spider veins since my teens. I'd seen other doctors/technicians who treated my veins with short term solutions. After one of my legs ended up with a terrible varicose vein after my pregnancy, I told my husband I would never wear shorts or dresses again. He said that was unacceptable :) so we researched and talked with friends who referred us to Dr. Bashy. I'm so pleased with my permanent results and the very non-invasive treatment of sclerotherapy recommended by Dr. Bashy. Now I can comfortably wear shorts without giving my legs a second thought (other than thinking they've never looked better!). Thank you again Dr. Bashy.


Dear Dr. Bashy:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the unbelievable positive changes that you have made in my life, I have enjoyed incredible results from both the Thermage and Mesotherapy treatments. After only one Thermage treatment I have seen the return of my jaw line and even the cleft in my chin is back. Gone are the bags under my eyes, the double chin and the dreaded jowls. The skin on my face is more elastic than it has been in years. In addition, the Mesotherapy treatments that I have had over the past few months have completely eliminated the gigantic beer belly that has been growing ever larger since my late thirties. I can actually see my shoes again without bending over!

The best part is that not only do I look better … I feel better! I even started working out again and, with your encouragement, I am eating healthier. My friends tell me I look ten years younger and believe me when I say… I feel ten years younger!

Again, thank you Dr. Bashy
Most Sincerely,
Robert Michela

To whom it may concern,

From two pregnancies, my body went through many negative changes. Although I lost the weight, my legs looked like a roadmap of bulging blue veins and red and brown spider capillaries, and it often felt like my leg muscles would cramp or be sore for inexplicable reasons. I was told I needed saline injections. A local dermatologist put me through an almost intolerable series of painful injections, sold me restrictive support hose, and made me lay in bed for a couple of days after each procedure.

I wound up with marks on my legs that lasted months, and darken veins that could be seen through my skin for even longer. The procedure was successful at getting rid of only 10 to 20% of my veins and capillaries.

So, I went to one of those laser clinics and saw their pamphlet’s beautiful before and after photos. I plopped down $1,400 for a series of laser treatments that were even more painful than the injections had been (they felt like someone was snapping rubber bands against my skin over and over again). After each treatment, nothing seemed to happen and they kept telling me the treatments were working but I wouldn’t be able to tell until they were all finished. After a year of treatments and misery, I saw no improvement whatsoever .

A couple of years later still hoping to someday be able to wear shorts or a swimsuit in public, very skeptical, I decided to give Dr. Bashy whose “Vein Specialist” ads I’d seen, a try. The injections were practically painless. I was shocked when he told me how reasonable his prices were and that I didn’t need support hose or to raise my feet for several days, but just take a fifteen minute walk each day instead. He told me to come back in a week so he could remove any marks left over from the injections, which to my surprise, he actually did, within two weeks my legs were 75% better! After two more treatments, my legs looked better than they did even before my pregnancies.

My life changed. shorts, bathing suits, and sun dresses became my summer wardrobe with not the least bit of self-consciousness… I now get comments all the time about my great legs! I could have never even imagined this a few years ago. My legs no longer cramp. To the contrary, they never feel heavy and tired like they did for so many years, that I didn’t even realize it wasn’t just part of normal ageing! I have taken up tennis which has become my main hobby. I have a whole new view on life and enjoy many more outdoor activities with my husband, children and friends.

I highly recommend Dr, Bashy to anyone with varicose vein and broken capillary issues. Do not wait another minute. He holds the key to quality of the rest of your life!

Cynthia Callendar Gordon

Dr. Bashy;

Just under a year ago I took a good look at myself in the mirror and I was horrified to see how out of shape I’d become. I spent more than 20 years raising my family and I really let myself go!

I knew I needed something drastic but I was afraid to undergo any type of surgery and unable to afford the expense. I researched different options available and decided the Mesotherapy procedure was for me. It’s more natural, painless and less expensive than surgery!

I also wanted to make sure that the doctor I selected was qualified and able to help me regain my youthful shape. I am grateful that I found the Vein Clinic of Las Vegas!

I began the Mesotherapy procedure in June of 2007 and by December of the same year my body was transformed into the shape I was born to have!

I look better than I did before I had children and I feel great knowing that I did it without surgery. It was so easy that I wish I had made the decision to visit your office years ago!

I want to thank you for all you have done to help me with my amazing transformation! I will forever be grateful to you and your staff.

With great respect (and a nice new shape :)
Lisa Cohen

Hello Dr. Bashy,

I'm a former patient of yours, you treated my right leg for a very big varicose vein and many spider veins, in 2007. You might remember me because I got thrombophlebitis following the second (which was the last) round of injections, but it was no big deal and healed by itself (I'm very prone to it, even from getting an IV). Anyway, sorry it's so late but I just wanted to write you a note and thank you after all this time for the wonderful job that you did, I couldn't be happier with the results. After the initial bruising went away it looked so much better immediately but I had no idea that it would continue to get even better and better. Now for the first time since my daughter was born, I can wear shorts with beautiful, vein free legs. It's such freedom to not have to worry about it any more, I can't even tell you. I used to have to wear pants during the summer, or put a big bandage over the unsightly cluster of them that were on my right lower leg. They're virtually GONE, clear as can be, I'm amazed at the results to this day. As you can see, they've never come back either, which is something I was afriad of. Sometimes I look down expecting to see them and I'm so thrilled when I see my smooth, unmarked legs. Again, thank you so very much for your wonderful work, I'll continue to recommend you to everyone that needs treatment (since I work in labor and delivery, I see them every day!)

Thank you again,
Patricia Wengert, R.N.

"I have been twice to Dr. Bashy for large veins in my legs on the first occasion and spider veins on the second. It was a first rate experience both times. I found him to be extremely competent and professional. Also, his fees were clearly conveyed in writing and by the way, it was 1/2 the price compared with Atlanta from where I moved."

John Kruger

I was very happy with Dr Bashy and his staff. Both the staff and the doctor were up front and clear with treatment recommendations and the cost. I had Sclerotherapy and had great results. The office is very professional and I would highly recommend Dr Bashy.

Tracey Rosenberg