This treatment is administered only by the physician himself.

How HCG Works
Dr. A.T. Simeons, an English physician specializing in treating overweight patients, noticed that human chorionic gonadotropin mobilized abnormal fat in patients that were taking it for other conditions. After much research it was discovered that HCG corrects a poorly functioning hypothalamus gland so it can control your appetite and burn 2000 calories from the abnormal fat reserves.

As the abnormal reserves are released, patients lose weight, the body reshapes itself and as a pleasant side benefit, often the energy, blood pressure, blood sugar and metabolism are restored to normal. Consequently, besides losing weight, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, immunological and endocrinological conditions have reduced in intensity or disappeared.

Method: You take a daily administration of HCG which burns 2,000 calories, 1500 calories from the abnormal reserves and 500 from the diet. You will lose on average one pound a day, while modifying your body contour, and feel in excellent mood and energy throughout the program. You will be doing all of this without excessive exercise, surgery or hunger.

You must take a minimum of 23 doses of HCG to a maximum of 40 to achieve a correction of the hypothalamic dysfunction. Since HCG burns 2000 calories, you will only be allowed to eat 500 calories, but your appetite will be well controlled by the HCG. At the end of the treatment you will go into Stage 2. During Stage 2 you will reset the hypothalamus based on a pre-industrial revolution diet. Before the Industrial Revolution people did not have easy access to starch and sugar. Today, starch and sugar are so easily available, they are hard to resist. By avoiding starch and sugar for 21 days, the hypothalamus will thereafter allow you to have a cookie with lunch or a piece of chocolate with dinner without a gain in weight.

Cravings and Keeping the weight off
Double Blind studies have demonstrated that patients in the control group had cravings during the program while those receiving the HCG did not have cravings, lost more weight and kept it off. A 20 year study showed that 60-70% of patients kept the weight off permanently. This program is the ONLY solution I know for “The Overweight Syndrome” here in America. My patients tell me it is the easiest weight they have ever lost. They lose their cravings within 72 hours and go through the treatment losing about one pound a day, effortlessly, without anymore exercise than walking 15-30 minutes 3 times a week or just staying active in their work or play. No exercise program, diet drinks, will power or protein powders are required. You will eat ordinary healthy foods; you can drink coffee, tea, herb tea and enjoy social events with ease, regardless of what other foods are being served. I did this program myself, lost 26 pounds in 26 days and never felt better in my life. All these years it may have seemed like regaining your health was an endless series of diets, pills and powders. I hope this challenges you to take responsibility for what might truly transform your appearance, health and energy once and for all.

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